Dillion and Harper Kimmy Granger Wedding day

Dillion and Harper Kimmy Granger Wedding day

Dillion Harper and Kimmy Granger Weddings day. Kimmy Granger Hubby Fuck both Kimmy Granger and Dillion Harper. Dillion Harper and Kimmy Granger wedding day started very happy.

Tyler Nixon is lucky male porn star who fuck two teen girls on his wedding day. He caught his wife Kimmy Granger kissing with Dillion Harper, he freak out. But she have other plans, seems her plan goes smoothly.

Start to Warm Up

He receive kiss from strange woman in front of his wife, she is not mad she take that with happiness. Horny strange wife grab his hand and pull him in the room, his wife come as well with them. Girls start to take off their wedding dresses. Dillion Harper was more then excited with Kimmy Granger husband, she just want his cock in her. Girls was only in their white stockings and give him great blowjob.

Dillion Harper Kimmy Granger Sex Scene

Dillion Harper Kimmy Granger Weddings day have sex between them. Girls want cock so much but everybody know who have right to be first. Cute teen Kimmy Granger jup on his husband cock and start to fuck with him. From time to time dick is out for Dillion to suck it and then go back to his wife pussy, real deal. It’s now Dillion turn, She jump on his dick but her boobs facing him. So he has full pleasure of her big boobs during sex. Also his wife seated on his face with her tight teen pussy and he lick her whole.

Dillon is on her side and he is behind her, he gently bring her left leg up and put his rock hard dick in her vagina. He is really thirsty for her big tits, they go round and round in with his dick comes in side out of her pussy. Hubby grab her tits violently because his wife have small firm tits, he did’t saw big tits for long time in person. He like to fuck his wife from behind so she go in that position. That position was awesome because he is kising her and grab her small tits while kiss her, so good.

Dick goes deep in their tight teen pussies because girls are on their back and their legs are on his shoulders. he fuck them simultaneously. but Dillion is jealousy she want to be fucked from behind. He liked so much that he ejaculated on her teen ass.

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